The Basics To Consider For Realistic Clothes Tactics

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And Andrea Crews called on lovers of its edgy, streetwise looks to "leave the chaos of the city behind and lose yourself off-piste" in its autumn-winter collection. Designer Maroussia Rebecq said she was inspired by the idea of urban warriors taking to the hills and "falling in love with young shepherds and shepherdesses. "City dwellers' aggressive behaviour instantly mellows on contact with nature," she said. Which is why she transformed their camouflage clothes into "camouflower" ones covered in blossoms. Dungarees and zipped farmers' overalls were given the urban skater treatment with upcycled wool jumpers and oversized wool-lined denim cowboy jackets. To hammer home the point, she stamped "Environmentalism" on her hoodies. - Shepherd boys - The Spanish label Loewe and its trend-setting Irish designer Jonathan Anderson also went super bucolic with sheepskin coats, boots and an almost folkoric shepherd boy look. But the German creator Boris Bidjan Saberi went still further, climbing every mountain with a veritable Everest expedition on the summit of nature itself. His models began in sheepskin coats and steampunk wool and leather climbing outfits complete with cramponed climbing boots, some dressed in rope-weave jumpers.

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