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"We are not a marketing product. If you follow trends you are latewe look to the future," Rivetti says with a tone that's both stern and jovial at the same time. "To investigate new fields is really challenging. This is why we invest a huge amount of money into research and development of new treatments and textiles. But the people who work in the company need this type of challenge because if we don't innovate, they will grow bored." If, like myself, you're a European of a certain age, it's impossible to separate Stone Island's products from its cultural legacy. You can't look at them with a fresh set of eyes or appreciate them in isolation as individual pieces of clothingour perception of the brand is shaped by the schema that we associate with it, and I've often found myself questioning whether I buy its products for their aesthetic value or for what they represent. Americans don't have these distractions. As such, it can be difficult to pinpoint what, exactly, is fuelling Stoney's growing popularity on the other side of the pond. "Football culture doesn't really exist here, but what there is is a strong intersection between hip-hop style and an appreciation of quality outerwearI mean in the '90s kids were getting stabbed over Marmot Biggie jackets," says Jian DeLeon, a New York fashion writer and editor. "The New York climate isn't the most comfortable in winter, so high-performing garments like Patagonia, Canada Goose, the North Face are all popular here because they keep you warm and they look good, which is pretty much the only criteria for a winter jacket," he says.

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