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Top designers -- those within the highest-earning 10 percent -- achieve an average annual income of more than $130,900, while their counterparts in the bottom 10 percent earn an average less than $32,320. Pierre had an affinity for geometry and it reflected in many of his designs. door dominated the fashion world until his death in 1957. Among the industry sectors detailed by the BBS, the motion picture and video industries and specialized design services were among the best-paying for fashion designers, averaging $92,850 and $80,720, respectively. The BBS listed New Hampshire as the most lucrative state, at an average salary of $85,460, and the Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk area of Connecticut as the single metropolitan district with the highest pay rates -- $87,110. Christian Lacroix is one of the new age French designers who has made it big in the world of fashion. And to achieve that look let's allow these chic bags to do all the talking,” stated Cookie sigh Marketing Manager of BCD. In contrast, New Jersey was listed at $71,570 and the Columbus district of Ohio at $58,710.

Apparel, piece goods, and notions merchant wholesalers, the sector that employs the largest numbers of designers, was listed at an average of $73,150. It was started by Thierry Hermes way back in 1837 and was initially into the business of manufacturing horse saddles and harnesses. Call your local paper to find out when their fashion section is printed. These designers, just out of fashion school and intern ships, have fresh ideas and concepts on what fashion should look like today. Paris is often labelled as the unofficial capital of the fashion world. Right? Each newspaper in each major metropolitan area has a fashion section.