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If you plan to drive to the airport and park you car, it's wise to research parking options. Ask about the daily rate and if free shuttle service is provided. Choose the options that help make your airport experience smooth.

But that is only one piece of what the city says is an economic puzzle that could change the city forever. The city hopes it is part of a rash of building projects that will lure visitors into town and into the mom and pop shops desperate for new customers. Do yall need some more time to look at the menu? Kimberly Carrillo asked her customers as they looked at the daily specials. Afternoons can be slower than the owners of Jimmys Big Burgers would like. But theyre hoping the new, huge, retractable water park and recreation center down the street will be part of a an economic surge for the area. The city predicts more than 300,000 visitors will visit the city-financed water park every year. A lot of times it is slow during lunch time, Carrillo said. Its going to get a lot more faster, busier.

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